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SyoookXero Sub.Prime Dream

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Achieve heightened relaxation and accelerated healing with Prime Dream’s 4D massage that comes with a Rejuvenating Break, resembling the natural rhythm of a Sensei’s touch.

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Massage Mechanisms: 

· 4D massage with silicone rollers at 7cm ejection.

· Air compression massage (24 airbags across 5 air valves).


Ultra Long SL-Track:

· 1.38m SL-Track that covers the whole body (neck, shoulders, hands, back, waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves and soles).



· 3 adjustable Zero-G positions to suit every individual’s height.

· For deep muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation and pressure relief on the neck and back.

· Weightless experience for a more comfortable massage experience.


Swing Mode:

· 3 rhythmic swing modes to promote deeper sleep.


Heat Therapy:

· 5-minute back-warming program (high/low) to regulate body temperature and improve blood circulation.



· 4 Signature Programs: Energise, Unwind, Recharge, Detox & Zzz…

· 22 auto-massage programs.

· 7 manual full body massage programs with 6 levels of intensity.

· Air compression massage with 6 levels of intensity (for shoulders, hands and legs).

· Foot massage programs for calves and soles.



· 10,15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes (depending on program).


Leg Rest:

· Extendable to maximise comfort.

· 3 massage modes with foot rollers.


ITSU Smart Band + Flagfit 2.0:

· Health data synchronisation and program recommendation.

· Sleep monitor, heart rate detection and step count monitor.


Program Selection Methods:

· Control panel on massage chair.

· Remote control.

· ITSU app.


Additional Features:

·  Built-in Bluetooth speaker.

·  Zero-wall: 25cm.




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