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Sokano 1088E 27 Pcs Orbit Small Train Electronic Pretend Playsets (DELIVERY INCLUDE)

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Sokano 1088E 27 Pcs Orbit Small Train Electronic Automatic Track Kids Pretend Playsets
Training communication ability : some one could play together in this game could traning friends communication ability enhance sociality skill
Let your baby more self confidence : encourage child play kinds rules bulid kinds scene and environment to train baby’s imagination to build up their confidence of practice
Bring up observe ability : use these brightness blocks to build kinds building arrage in pairs or groups those difference size and shape blocks training baby imagination and logic ability
Easy to install
Railway X 16 pcs
Compartment X 1
Tree Stamp X 3
Construction Workers X  2
Train X 1
Package Dimension : 56CM X 9CM X 24.5CM

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