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Samu Giken Multifunctional Smart Baby Milk Bottle Warmer/Sterilizer/Thawer & Constant Temperature Milk Regulator

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Samu Giken Multifunctional Smart Baby Milk Bottle Warmer/Sterilizer/Thawer & Constant Temperature Milk Regulator

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Samu Giken Multifunction & Smart Baby Milk Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer


Product Specification:

Rated Voltage / Frequency : 220 V -50 HZ

Rated Power : 200 W

Capacity : 100-200ML (2 milk bottles)

Control: LED Display


Pre-Set Menu Features:

Warm Milk: 45 ℃

Defrost mode: 55 ℃

Warm Formula: 75 ℃

Sterilize mode: 100 ℃



- Milk WarmerBottle

- Keep Constant Temperature (recommended stop time within 2 hours)

- Sterilizing Milk Bottle

- QuickThawing

- Timer Setting


Special Built-in features:

- Timing function: Timing of the start time of each function.

- Overheat protection function: Automatic shutdown when no water is present.



1. The bottle is not included.

2. After the display reaches the target temperature, it only shows the temperature at the bottom of the bottle. The

temperature of the milk depends on the heating time.

3. The warm milk bottle is not waterproof. Please wipe it off with a damp cloth.

4. Be sure to test the milk temperature with your hand before feeding.

5. Keep the product out of the reach of children.

6. Do not store milk for more than 2 hours after preparation to avoid deterioration.



Easy operation & LED temperature display:

The baby food warmer is easy to use, with no complicated buttons and settings, and all functions can be reserved for the start time. On the LED screen of the baby bottle heater, the water temperature can be displayed in real time.


AufMilk thaw / heat quickly & Double-bottle design:

The Bottle Warmer can heat the milk evenly in just a few minutes to prevent nutrient loss and to calm the crying baby in time. You can also heat two bottles at a time, which is ideal for feeding twin babies.


Practical Accessories:

This baby bottle heater is compatible with most bottles on the market. With the shelf, you can also easily steam eggs or sterilize bottles and pacifiers. For a more comfortable experience, we also offer clips and cleaning tools.


Heating protection & safety materials:

If the water in the bottle warmer is dry, the bottle warmer will automatically switch off.


Packing List : 1 x Baby Bottle Warmer , 1 x Manual Book

Size: 185x105x215 mm


Warranty for 1 years – cover manufacturing defect.

Warranty for 2 week – cover wear and tear parts

*anything happen within 2 weeks, seller will bear the cost of 2 ways courier. After 2 weeks for warranty process, buyer need to pay the courier for shipping back the item for warranty and seller will bear the shipping cost for returning product*




* Please provide a quantity.
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