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Dagee Baby (Taman Sri Muda) Shah Alam, Selangor

Samu Giken Electric Wireless Portable 9 Speed Breast Pump With PPSU Bottle bc-sg-bp120pk

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Samu Giken Electric Wireless Portable 9 Speed Breast Pump With PPSU Bottle bc-sg-bp120pk

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Dagee Baby Sri Muda

Abletech Solutions Sdn Bhd

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Electric Wireless Portable 9 Speed Breast Pump



- Model: BP120P

- Battery capacity: 1000mA

- Rated Voltage: DC 5V 1A

- Rated Power: 2.96W

- Material: Silicone – Breast Shield, Suction Diaphragm, Valve

- PPSU – Milk Bottle

- Abs – Pumping Motor

- Bottle capacity: 180 ml

- Gear position: 9 gears position

- 3 Function Modes: Massage, Stimulation, Suction

- Usage after fully charged: 3-4 hours

- Charging time: 5.5 hours to fully charged

- Mode: Prolactin massage breast pumping




1) Hygienic & Prevents Leaking

- Anti-back flow protection which separates the milk and air, ensures milk’s hygiene. Soft silicone breast shield which perfectly fit the shape of mom’s breasts, can effectively prevent milk leakage.


2) USB Rechargeable

- Built-in battery and USB interface. It allows you to use and charge the device with and chargers, computers, or powerbank at anytime, anywhere.


3) Digital Display & Timer

- Digital display features a memory button, timer and backlight for easy tracking and recording pump sessions. Moms are allowed to save favorite pumping pattern.


4) BPA FREE Material

- All materials in pump and accessories are BPA-free material.


5) Super Quite

- The noise of motor is controlled under 55dB. It is very soft sounds which will provide a good sleeping enviroment for your baby and family.


6) Large Battery Capacity

- 1000 mA lithium battery, It can be pumped 5 times on a full charge.


Standard Package Included:

– Pump Machine

– Dust Cap

– Silicone Shield

– Connector Body

– Valve

– Milk Bottle

– Charging Cable

– Pump Machine

– Suction Bowl




Highly recommended this Electric Breast Pump!

– User Friendly & Efficient

– Reasonable price

– FDA Certified and BPA Free

– Multi-position adjustable

– Large Capacity Rechargeable Battery

– Silent design

– Easy to carry

– Comfortable Soft Breast Shield

– Time & cost saving



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