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SOKANO Baby Learning Cube 1688 Story Telling with muscia and animal Sound Toy (DELIVERY INCLUDE)

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Specifications : ✔️Item Material: ABS Plastic ✔️Item Color: Refer to the image above ✔️Item Dimension (L x W x H): 20.5cm x 19cm x 25cm Features : ✔️ Each face has different types of design and features. ✔️ Shape Matching - Baby can put different blocks matching the same shape from the cube. ✔️ Musical Piano - Represents “Do”, “Re”, “Mi”, “Fa”. ✔️ Chinese Children's Song - Beautiful melodies develops the interest and sense of music. ✔️ Rotatable Gears - By turning one gear, other gears will move consequently. ✔️ Clock - Rotatable pointer to perform like an actual clock. ✔️ Chinese Story - Children can listen to bedtime stories before going to bed. ✔️ Feeding Game - Let children experience feeding games. ✔️ Transport Sound Learning - Children can learn to distinguish the sounds of different transport. ✔️ Enhance coordination and hands on ability. ✔️ Enhance intelligence and visual training. ✔️ Recommended ages of 18 months and above.961f90a4c9cf339dd3d7e88c8c918f0d.jpg.jpg (1000×1000)3fd0446330aecb8aa1d9059988fa5761.jpg (800×800)4b113dadc0b7f9e3764d9e0a4a4310e9.jpg (790×987)bf8c71800a7b4b77fb5fcff52b878ab7.jpg (790×914)6c386e616eaa4ff972a5fe6112ad3be4.jpg (790×1253)29f88f3d740f473aeda7856e8b0b007d.jpg (790×713)b903f2fd1f6ddec3ce6cddfd5d71bba3.jpg (790×801)2d7bcf1402bf97fe0f40b33cee17e182.jpg (790×743)



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