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SOKANO 88533 20 Inch Foldable Bike (6 Gears) Foldable Bicycle (DELIVERY INCLUDED)

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Product Details Of SOKANO 88533 20 Inch Foldable Bike (6 Gears) Foldable Bicycle 20 Ultra Light Portable Folding Bicycle in Malaysia, Best Portable Folding Bicycle Basikal Gear Basikal Lipat    



Non-slip wearable handle      

High quality grip prevents hand slip, and 1-6 variable speed digital display design, convenient shift control, ergonomic croissant with rubber material, comfortable and soft, stable and durable      

Saddle lifting device      

Unique saddle lifting design, free to adjust the height of the saddle according to different ages      

Wanda inside and outside the wheel      

Adapt to all kinds of road conditions, more wear-resistant, longer service life, greatly improved in wear resistance and grip      

Pulling after positioning      

More accurate positioning and smoother operation, effectively reducing chain wear      

Sensitive front and rear disc brakes      

Aluminum disc brakes, high-speed brake system, anti-skid stable brakes, brakes, quick brakes, responsive, and safer performance      

Flexible non-slip pedal      

The anti-slip design is safer, flexible and durable, and the new mechanical appearance increases the contact area of the soles and increases the friction.      

High elastic shock absorber      

Better elasticity, slow down the impact, and ride more comfortably      

Streamlined cushion      

Perfect streamlined mid-concave design for gentle hip pressure and longer-lasting ride      

Quick and easy to remove, easy to go out, simple and fast, using high-quality materials, with perfect paint, non-toxic and tasteless, ride at ease      

Quick release design     


Specifications :       

Material: Steel      

Colors: Black, White      

Dimensions: 150cm(L) x 100-115cm(H)      

Weight: 14.10kg    




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