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SOKANO 86 pcs Kids Painting Pen Crayon Drawing Set Colour Pencils with Case (DELIVERY INCLUDE)

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Provides an artist with a wide range of materials in a compact, and all in a portable case
Provides excellent way for kids and adults to experiment with a variety of artistic media
The product has a plastic case, easy to storage and keep the stationery in order.
Many types of drawing and painting mediums including pencils, watercolor pens and oil painting sticks, etc.
Complete art set for hours of satisfying and creative fun.
High quality art set including art supplies for drawing, painting and more
The case can transform into a drawing board, easy for your kid to draw and use
The colors are clear and bright, the ink is homogeneous, the color adhesion is strong, so the work of painting has a strong visual sense.
A combination of variety drawing pens and tools, whether it's painting, watercolor, or illustration, etc., can satisfy your need for tools
Lovely presents for Art enthusiasts, Children and Adults, who enjoy being artistic, doodling, sketching and relaxing
Perfect for pencil Coloring, Drawing, Sketching, Writing, great for inspiring creativity imagination and a gift for art beginners, artist.
86 pcs kids painting pen included:

24 watercolor pencils
12 color crayons
12 color wax sticks
12 color pencils
12 color pigments
1 pencil sharpener
1 eraser
1 bottle of glue
1 long lead
1 sponge
1 ruler
1 safety scissors
1 palette
1 paint brush
5 paperclips

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