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SOKANO 624 Lumbar Back Stretcher with 88 Acupuncture Points (DELIVERY INCLUDED)

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Product Details Of SOKANO 624 Lumbar Back Stretcher with 88 Acupuncture Points and 10 Magnetic Massage Points Spine Posture Massage Back Pain Relieve Back Stretcher Protector Fitness Lumbar Support Spine Posture Corrector Massager Back Pain Relieve Back Magic Stretcher    



IMMEDIATE And EASY Back Pain Relief!       

Gentle back stretcher device for use in the comfort of your home       

HELPS  relieve sciatica pain relief & posture correction      

Preventive care for your lower back and posture.      

Take care of your aching back! A great posture corrector for men and women.       

EASY to USE:  Ergonomic design includes an arch with 3 adjustable settings for use by any age or ability!       

USE AT WORK  in your desk chair or when you're tired from travel - folds flat to easily stuff in a suitcase!        REDUCE COSTLY CHIROPRACTOR  visits by using your back stretcher a few minutes each day!  

Come with a middle soft mat      

Provides comfort, support and warmth to reduce pain.      

It has 88 activates acupuncture vitality design to relaxing the lumber.      

While correcting your lumbar, it also provided massage points.     

It is durable and can support max loading 100kg.      

Relief the pain on your lumbar and protect your lumbar.      

Adjust the level of heights according to your comfort.      

Arch design for intervertebral space opened to reduce nerve compression.       


Specifications :

Material: PP and NBR      

Weight: 0.50kg      

Application: back pain, humpback, bad sitting posture      

Support max loading 100kg      

Product size: 38.5cm x 26.5cm x 9.5cm    




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