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Premium Aroma Car Clip Air Freshener Plan (Various Scent)

Plan Description

Choose From Urban Romance or Grace Beaute ( 1 pcs and 2 pcs Available)

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More Information

Luxury fragrance for cars

● A perfume-like scent that contains fragrance oil carefully selected by perfumers.
● Easy to install by simply attaching to the air conditioner air outlet in the car.
● Since the contents can be seen, it is easy to understand the end of use.
● You can adjust the intensity of the scent.

A scent with the theme of a longing female image

Untitled design (80).png

A graceful floral fruity scent.
The perfume-like scent that feels the sex appeal of an adult snuggles up to you who is graceful and elegant.

Sophisticated luxury fragrance

Contains fragrance oil carefully selected by perfumers. A luxurious perfume-like scent spreads in the space.

How to use

① Pull the aluminum seal.
* Pull out slowly. Liquid may spill.

(2) Attach the attached clip to the main body. Make sure that it does not come off.

③ Insert it into the air outlet of the air conditioner.

* To prevent accidents, make sure that it does not come off easily.

* If there is an air outlet on the dashboard, it will be hot and may cause deformation of the container or liquid leakage, so do not use it.

[Storage and disposal method]
● When storing, do not place in direct sunlight or at temperatures above 40 ° C.
● Dispose of the contents according to local regulations after using up the contents.

Depending on the shape of the air conditioner air outlet, it may not be possible to install it.
It can be used with louvers with a thickness of 1.5 to 5 mm and a depth of 10 mm or more. It can also be used as a vertical air outlet.

[Usage period] It
lasts for about 30 days by using the air conditioner for 2 to 3 hours a day in a 25 ° C environment.
(It depends on the temperature inside the car and how it is used. If you use it in a place where the temperature inside the car is high, such as parking in the hot summer sun, or in a place exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, the usage period may become extremely short.) * It will be replaced when the liquid runs out.

Easy installation on the air outlet

Simply plug it into the air conditioner's air outlet and the premium scent will spread throughout the interior of the vehicle.
Since the contents can be seen, it is easy to understand when to replace it, which is convenient.




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