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Molfix Natural Tape Jumbo Pack Assorted 4 packs + FOC x2 Molfix Natural Pants Regular pack (monthly) + FOC 1 100's Molfix Wet Tissue (on last month)

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3 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION PLAN - free wet tissue on last month only

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Molfix Natural Tape Diapers hug your baby in the most delicate way with its superior softness and topsheet with organic cotton. 360° Anatomic Fit Technology with its elastic waistband and ears ensure the right & comfortable fit without leaving any gap between baby’s body and the diaper, preventing any leakage. Moreover, it has unique extra dry absorbent bamboo layer. This first time ever technology of Molfix. The liquid will be distributed evenly instead of accumulating at one point. Molfix Natural designed in the cottony soft top surface with puffy channels to help the baby skin to breathe and stay dry. It is very easy to use too, with the wetness indicator to let you know when to change your baby's diaper. Let Molfix Natural Tape Diapers bring your baby the natural softness & dryness.

Molfix Natural Tape NB & S designed with the special 5000 absorbent micro holes with organic cotton that can rapidly vacuum the liquid in to the diaper, so that the surface stays dry.

*1 carton = 4 packs Molfix Natural Tape

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