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Milk Storage Bag 5 Oz x 2 boxes

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Double zipper
Designated write-on area
Measurement capacity
Thermal sensor

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With our double zipper technology, the breast milk bags are leakproof and can be frozen, defrosted. Breast milk storage bags allow you to express and store breast milk at your leisure and convenience. Your breast milk is super important to your baby. Anyone who tells you that there is no point crying over spilled milk has never spilled their own. It’s important to store your breast milk in the best breast milk storage bags so that they are safe for your baby and easy for you to use.

✅Double zipper: leak-proof protection

✅Designated write-on area: Can use any type of pen including point ball pen

✅Stable standing bottom: Lay flat for storage, stable standing for easy handling and pouring milk

✅ Thermal sensor: to indicate the optimum temperature of water for thawing

✅Baby-friendly material: Use BPA and BPS Free material. No plastic smell. Safe to thaw at 40-50 C of water

✅Reinforce seal: for hygienic purpose before you pour the milk

✅It can be directly thawed in warm water to protects the nutrients and quality fo the breast milk



1. Room temperature (25C): up to 4-6 hours

2. Refrigerator (0-4C): 3-5 days

** Recommended not place on the refrigerator door as the temperature is inconsistent

3. Freezer (-18C): 3-4 months

4. Deep Freezer (-20C): up to 12 months

1. Allow extra room at the top of your storage bag as breast milk will expand as it freezes.

2. Label the storage bag with the date & time. Always thaw the oldest breast milk.

3. Do not store breast milk at the door of the freezer or refrigerator to avoid temperature change.



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