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MamyPoko Tape Extra Dry Protect (Antimos) L-XL size (Subscription Plan)

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Buy 3 cartons free 1 carton supply (As low as RM36.73 per pack) 1 carton of MamyPoko delivery per month within 4 months period (You will receive the free carton in the 4th month with processing fee RM0.01)

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Welcome to Mamypoko Official Shop where we strive to provide our customers an array of products that satisfy demand for quality and efficiency. Buy our products from Shopee Mall in a worry-free manner as we guarantee 100% authenticity. Shopping can't get any easier than this, so start today! 

First in the world Anti-mosquito diaper that is made with Japan patented technology contains Lemongrass extract microcapsules at the diaper's tape area. It can be activated upon rubbing the tape surface to release a pleasant Lemongrass scent to help keep mosquito away from baby. It is made with safe materials and comes with Powerful Absorbent core that provides long hour secure for baby! It is safe for babies with alcohol free, DEET free and no skin contact.


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