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MOTHER-K Honeycomb Breast Pad (120pcs)

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MOTHER-K Honeycomb Breast Pad (120pcs)

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MOTHER-K Honeycomb Disposable Breast Pad (120pcs)


MOTHER-K Honey Comb Breast Pads made with 100% organically grown cotton, certified to OE 100 standard are safe for baby & mummy! Extra softness of cotton cover gives mummy superior comfort on delicate areas! Anti-bacterial pads provide a clean environment for baby's feeding! With high absorbency & strong fixation, mummies feel comfortable all day long! Cleaner feeding, happier mummy!


120pcs per pack

Powerful absorption with the shape of honeycomb

The honeycomb shapes helps evenly dispension of the breastmilk and absorbs quickly

The touch of pure cotton and embossing cover are maintaining the breast mattify and comfortable fit

It is easy to take off and throw away with the ONE TOUCH sticker

The zipper package is keep it sanitized until the end of use

The individual pakcage increases the portability and convenience

3D shape which sticks to the breast comfortably with two creases on both side

Thin but strong absorption and breathable film make more wearable



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