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MJ JEWELLERY THE Mix 999.9 Pure Gold Mini Dragon Turtle Agate 足金龙龟/Crystal Ring [Free Delivery]

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The Mix Collection

Colour up your life by creating immeasurable surprises to your daily life through mixing and matching the versatile Charms of assorted styles & colours.


A dragon turtle is a positive ornament in Feng Shui, symbolizing courage, determination, fertility, longevity, power, success, and support.


Mini Dragon Turtle

Made of 999.9 Pure Gold

Weight : 0.30 gram +/-

Hole Diameter : 2.20 mm +/-

Have 999.9 Hallmark on the Dragon Turtle


Ring Bead Size : 4mm

Type : Stretchable


Ideal for Gifts/Own

Non-allergenic and fine craftsmanship


Color Meaning:

Garnet           : Beauty , Protection & Blood Circulation

Amethyst      : Health , Protection & Wealth

Rosequartz  : Love , Protection & Compassion

Citrine           : Wealth + Protection & Prosperity

Red Agate    : Happiness , Blessed & Longevity

Black Agate : Courage , Protection & Loyalty


What's in the Box:

1 x MJ Jewellery THE Mix 999.9 Pure Gold Mini Dragon Turtle Agate / Crystal Ring

1 x MJ Jewellery Official Receipt

1 x MJ Jewellery Exclusive Packaging

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