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MJ JEWELLERY 375 Gold Abacus Ring C69 For Female [Free Delivery]

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MJ Jewellery Abacus Ring

This delicate piece of genuine  abacus ring is most tedious to make and requires extremely skillful craftsmen to make. Every miniature beads is crafted by hand and skillfully assembled into the frame of the abacus so that they can move along those little rods smoothly. Chinese abacus would resemble having so much business that would require you to calculate too big an account for your sales. Each time you shake an abacus, it would bring you incredible business opportunities and wealth luck. Therefore, wearing an abacus would allow movement of the beads that would generate sales and business opportunities. Especially beneficially for business people and sales persons.


Gold Type : 375 Gold

Weight : 1.80 ~ 2.00 grams ± (depending on size)


Ideal for Gifts/Own

Non-allergenic and fine craftsmanship

Durable and satisfaction guaranteed


For Measurement:

Please follow the last picture for exact measurement


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1 x MJ Jewellery 375 Gold Abacus Ring - C69

1 x MJ Jewellery Official Receipt

1 x MJ Jewellery Exclusive Packaging



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