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LYFRO Portable Handheld UVC LED Disinfection Wand BEAM

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LYFRO Portable Handheld UVC LED Disinfection Wand BEAM

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Global Synergy Concepts Sdn Bhd

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A pocket-sized UVC sanitising wand with 3 speed modes, Beam is your handy sanitizer for larger wearables, devices or surfaces. It features a wide UV-C LED design for extensive reach and comes with a dual safety lock mechanism to prevent accidental activation.


-Tri-Speed UltraUV™ Sanitize in 30s︱60s︱180s Sanitizing Wand

-Dual Safety Lock for Child-Safe Use and dual activation of front and side buttons to turn on device to prevents accidental activation of device

-Sanitizing Wand with Auto-Off Timer

-3X Wide UV-C LED Design extends reach of UV-C light for larger sanitizing area

-Up to 3 Hours of Continuous Use with 500mAh capacity and fast 10W USB-C recharging

-Digital Auto-Off Timer shuts off safety after completion of sanitizing mode

-Comes with All-Round Protective Pouch



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