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Scents / Floral, Warm
Size / 120g | 4oz
Ingredients / 100% Soy Wax
Burn Time /  Approx 30 Hours

Started off as fragrance enthusiasts and our deep appreciation on minimalism, Kandl was realized. Kandl is a George Town based artisanal scented soy candle maker brand, an artisanal chandler.

Kandl candles are hand poured in small batches locally, using only natural ingredients. Believing that we could change and promote hygge lifestyle in George Town, with all our scents inspired by nature and familiar calming elements.

All candles come in one universal size, great for any room and practical for traveling. Design focusing on typography and minimalism makes Kandl beautiful in any room.

Scented as below: 

Gardenia + Lemongrass

Lime + Vanilla

Pine + Sandalwood

Rosemary + Geranium

Please note that candle will be distributed randomly. Scented will not repeated in between 4 months, act accrordingly. 



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