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[GOLDEN PANDA] Hand Soap Foam/Antibacterial Bubble Foaming

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500ML Hand soap Foam

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Product description:

Uniquely formulated dual formulation which create hydrating foam and feel soft to your hand as well as refreshing scent.100% Natural Active Ingredients to help protect hands from germs and keep it hygienically clean and fresh. Contains no Caustic Soda and SLS which suitable for sensitive skin.


500ML Bottle- suitable for home use,office,kitchen,toilet,


*Bottle set included lock key to lock the pump



- One set Bottle with Foam Dispenser

- Bottle can be use for next refill

- 10 Unique scents available to be choose.

- Gentle to skin and safe for all ages.

- Antibacterial to keep your hand from germs and virus

- Create smooth and fine foam which easily to remove dirt on hand     



Wet your hand with clean water. Apply soap and rub your hand together, scrub for at least 20 second. Rinse your hands with clean water



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