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GJ Jewellery Emas Korea Emas Bangkok Fashion Bulu M Bracelet (17cm)

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Korea Emas Bangkok Fashion Bulu M Bracelet (17cm)

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Material: 24K Gold Plated/ Emas Korea

Bracelet Size: 17cm


Suitable for Wedding Gift


Golden Jaguar Jewellery offers 24K Plated Gold, Platinum Plated and Emas Korea in Malaysia. We are Malaysia Korea Gold Wholesaler based in GM Klang. Our products include Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, and Pendants and So on. We are always assured that our product’s quality meet with our price.

If you are interested to be our Dropship, Please chat with us by dropping a message. Thank you!


Jewelry Maintenance:

Avoid from Perfumes

Avoid Chlorine or Salt Water

Avoid from Lotion

Avoid from Chemicals


Basic Cleaning Process:

Using a soft toothbrush and brush on the surface of the jewelry. If you wish to re-shine or maintain the shininess of your jewelry, please using jewelry polishing cloth. You may get the tool from any of your local goldsmith



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