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[Chilled] DiamondPure, A2 Protein Milk with Kiwi 1L (12 Packets)

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Milk with Kiwi

It is a specially formulated milk drink and kiwifruit enzyme using the best and purest ingredients from New Zealand and beyond. Using a special preparation of kiwi that has been carefully preserve the properties of the kiwifruit, combined with the well-known benefits of inulin fibre and manuka honey in a delicious and ready-to-drink will make for a natural boost at any time of the day.

Why the kiwifruit enzyme?

The kiwifruit derived components are extracted in their natural. unaltered state. The kiwifruit enzyme digests proteins into amino acids which are called the "building blocks" of life.

Kiwi is also the key nutrient for slowing down the aging process.

What is A2?

Milk is a rich source of Calcium, Protein and other vitamins and minerals. It becomes common in our daily life. But some people may experience tummy discomfort. Bloating, Diarrhea and pain after drinking regular milk. Regular milk contains both A1 & A2 protein, while DiamondPure A2 Protein Milk comes from cows that naturally contains only the A2 Protein.

It helps in building immunity, increase metabolism and providing calcium and fatty acids that contribute highly to body growth. Strong Bones & Teeth, better gut health. The Milk that contains only A2 Protein, enables people to enjoy it.

DiamondPure, A2 Protein Milk, It's easier to digest.

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