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Dagee Baby (Taman Sri Muda) Shah Alam, Selangor


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Dagee Baby Sri Muda

Abletech Solutions Sdn Bhd

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There is significant research to suggest that newborn babies will sleep better and for longer if they are swaddled. Our swaddle to Sleep is so snug it helps recreate the security and comfort of the womb. The snug upper body wrap swaddles your baby, helping to prevent startle reflex without restricting their lower body. This ensures hips and legs have enough room to move naturally, promoting ‘hip health’ and helping to prevent Hip Dysplasia, which is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


 It is so easy to use, with its baby safe velcro adjustable wraps means baby can stay swaddled as they grow.


 How to swaddle

 1. Place Baby in the swaddle

 2. Tuck wing from one side to the other making sure it is under the chin and over the arms

 3. Wrap the other wing, ensuring the mouth and nose is not covered. The wrapping should not be too tight and should allow plenty of room for legs to bend and move freely.


 For easy changing

 Pull the front of the swaddle down to gain access for changing without the need to un-swaddle your baby. Then tuck the front of the swaddle back under the wings securely, ensuring that there is still room for the legs to bend comfortably.


 Fabric composition


 Made with 100% soft breathable cotton.


 Swaddle to Sleep Baby Swaddle wrap size: 100cm width - from wrap end to end, 30cm width - for main body, 58cm full length and Tog rating: 1.0



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