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CLEANDS Environment Spray 500ml (1 Bottle)

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Contains CLEANDS Environment Spray 500ml (1 Bottle)

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Instantly kill 99.9% of germs and stay protected with Cleands Environment Spray, formulated with Safety Alpha Ionized Nano Zinc that provides instant protection for up to 24hr! Protect your family by sanitizing your grocery bag, food delivery bag. Giving your kids and family a virus, bacteria and germs repelled protective layer by spraying on their bags and outfit. ============================= CLEANDS Environment Spray 500ml ============================= CLEANDS💚的优点在于: ✅ 0% 酒精成分 的 纳米锌离子nano zinc(食物级别)温和无刺激24🕑小时长效杀菌消毒液🧴❗️ ✅长时间多频率使用也不伤手和皮肤👐,更不会对呼吸道造成威胁,婴儿小孩老人和皮肤敏感者更适合使用❗️ ✅CLEANDS💚也可以使用在 身体(从头到脚),餐具,玩具,家具,衣服,3C产品,马桶等等的消毒环节❗️ ✅比起1-2分钟的酒精消毒,你更需要一款能24🕑小时保护🛡你和家人的消毒液❗️ ✅产品具有政府KKM,GMP和ISO的验证❗️ ⚠️ FEATURES - Eliminate 99.9% of germs on any surface - No alcohol and chlorine (no damage to your leather or favorite fabric clothes) - 24hours protection even on surfaces - Ingredients that are safe for humans and pets - Environmental friendly ⚠️ COMPOSITION - Distilled water - Safety Alpha Ionized Nano Zinc (Zinc Acethlmethlonate) ⚠️ SUITABLE FOR AREAS REQUIRING FREQUENT DISINFECTION SUCH AS - Kids' area and toys - Car Interior - Personal belongings - Household and office - Gym and yoga equipment - Utensils - Pets ⚠️ CONTACT FB: Disclaimer: Please note that the effect will fade off if you rinse or wash your hand/surface. Kindly reapply the product onto your hands/surface again after washing. #cleands #cleandsmalaysia #sanitizer #handsanitizer #handsanitzerspray #personalcare



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