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BackPainHelp Spine Aligners (Insoles for Lower Back Pain)

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BackPainHelp Spine Aligners (Insoles for Lower Back Pain)

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It is estimated that over half the population suffer from over pronation of the foot where they have a tendency for their feet to roll-over inside and gradually flatten. This is also known as 'flat foot'. The way in which a person's foot strikes the floor can have significant negative effects on their body and posture whilst increasing the risk of injury and permanent damage. Are you suffering from neck & back pains?


Among many other factors, one underlying cause of back pains and other muscular and skeletal problems is bad posture. Its adverse effects include chronic pain, soreness, fatigue, poor breathing, and even digestive issues. In retrospect, bad posture is not developed overnight. Most people acquire their bad posture because of daily bad habits such as slouching, sitting improperly, and even poor shoe choices. Would you like yourself to be part of the statistics?


Much like how a bad posture is gradually developed, treating it can also take a long time. But considering the daily schedule and workload of the average adult, finding the time to treat bad posture and lower back pains can be difficult.


BackPainHelp’s Back Spine aligners ensure that every step you make leads to better posture! Yes and we can correct our posture via our feet by Spine Aligners. Our Spine Aligners are clinically designed to relieve postural aches and lower back pains caused by overpronation. This is made possible by giving your feet additional support and cushioning that gradually corrects the lower body’s point of pressure.


The healing process should not take a break. One should wear these insoles anywhere and everywhere for the consistent and unfailing attention our posture needs.


BACK Spine Aligners™ have a 2° degree tilt that’s optimal for stabilising and aligning your feet. What these aligners do is control and support the arch back to a ‘neutral’ position, regaining the correct alignment leading to a better posture. The best thing about the BACK insole Spine Aligners™ is that they’re versatile and easy to use. This innovative product will fit any kind of shoe. You can pop these insoles to your jogging shoes, work shoes, or even your trainers when you’re just running for errands.The Spine Aligners have anti-odour Ortholite foam for added cushioning and extra comfort. The material also allows air to circulate, keeping your feet cooler inside your shoes while managing moisture.



Certified by KKM

Made in the United Kingdom.



6 months warranty on manufacturing defects.



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