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BackPainHelp Advancing Back Care Backboard

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BackPainHelp Advancing Back Care Backboard

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Research has found that we now spend on average 13 hours a day sitting, whether that be at our desks, in our cars or on the couch. The problem with sitting for long periods of time is that you naturally begin to slump in your chair, meaning the lumbar spine drops back, pushing out the natural curve - and this puts strain on the back muscles as they are being stretched.

Adopting a correct sitting posture is the simplest solution to reducing these postural stresses and strains. The key is to prevent your lower back from slumping or sagging outwards and this is where the Backboard™ can help. The Backboard™ Classic works by pushing the pelvis forward and helping to put the correct curvature in the spine. This encourages you to sit upright in the correct position and improve your seated posture. This customisable lumbar support was created and tailored to fit your shape, your preference, your back.


The award winning Backboard™ Classic is a simple, adjustable lumbar support that helps improve posture and relieve pressure on the spine when sitting. The Backboard™ Classic is ideal for anyone that spends long periods in a seated position as well as providing relief for those that suffer with back and neck pain when working at a computer. By applying light pressure over the knee, the Backboard™ Classic can be easily bent into the desired shape and can be specifically tailored to fit the unique curvature of your back. Held in place by an elasticated strap, the Backboard™ Classic is suitable for most chairs, so you can take it wherever you need. It's great for use in the office, car or for when you're relaxing at home.

The award winning Backboard™ Classic was developed in conjunction with Harley Street specialists, the London Spine Clinic, a centre of excellence for all spinal care. They recommend using the Backboard™ whenever you are seated to minimise the load on your back and stop prolonged stresses from sitting in a slumped position.


INSTANT COMFORT AND RELIEF- Provides support for good, healthy posture

ANTI-MICROBIAL FABRIC SURFACE - Breathable keeping it fresh and odour free

AVAILABLE IN 3 COLOUR - Premium finish colours, Black, Silver & Blue

AWARD WINNING - Internationally recognized effective design

QUALITY ASSURED - Proudly made in the UK for supreme guaranteed quality free


Size Guide

Korkeus -20 inches (50cm)


Leveys - 9.5 inches (24cm)


Syvyys -0.5 inches (1.5cm)





Certified by KKM

Made in the United Kingdom. 



6 months warranty on manufacturing defects.



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