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Ac Guard Foam Cleanser x 2's

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2bottles x Ac Guard Foam Cleanser

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Ac Guard - The Best Acne Solution


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[Ac Guard Trehamoist foam cleanser] Ac guard main purpose is to use gentle properties to treat and cure acne pimples and acne scars. It has good oil controlling properties to limit oil on face through moisturizing skin for up to 12 hours. As long as the face is moisturized properly, acne pimples can effectively be prevented! Besides, it does not has any allergic properties that it wouldn't hurt your eyes if the soap seep into it. It's very suitable for deep cleansing skin pores and help moisturizing our face. The main ingredient of the cleanser is Trehamoist Trehamoist is inherently small and combined with its innovative bubble lather technology, it's easy to be absorbed through skin, this allows deep cleanse to be perform in skin pores that normal face wash could not reach. Trehamoist also has anti-oxidant properties and is suitable for normal and delicate skins to use. Ac guard acne series uses all natural plant extractions which are different from other products in the market. It does not contain inflammatory properties, steroids, alcohol, SLS, SLES, preservative or any animal substances. [Ac Guard Trehamoist foam cleanser] ♥️4 biggest effect♥️ 🍀Anti aging properties As Trehamoist is very small, it's easy to be absorbed in the skin to perform deep cleanse and increase skin smoothness and softness, this indirectly helps face to look more younger. 🍀Reduce wrinkles due to loss of skin elasticity By binding moisture into the skin, the skin can retain moisture and increase firmness of the skin to combat wrinkles. 🍀Speeds up recovery of acne scars Ac guard cleanser contains Sodium Hyaluronate to help speed up the fading period of acne scars. 🍀Important part of the daily skincare routine Trehamoist with its high anti-oxidant properties is very beneficial to the skin that helps to retain the skin complexion and youthfulness of the skin cells. 【Ac Guard海藻糖祛痘洗脸慕斯】, Ac guard主打以温和不伤皮肤的方式调理青春痘和痘疤问题。 它有很好的控油效果,用后脸上不容易出油,也不会很干,还可以锁住水分12小时; 只要平衡好脸上的水油,痘痘就不容易长出来啦! 另外,它没有刺激性,就算洗脸时不小心弄到眼睛也不会刺痛噢~ 非常适合想要清洁后无紧绷感,温和及深层洁净,同时能够保湿的朋友使用。 所使用的主要成分是天然的糖类~海藻糖 海藻糖分子量小,容易被皮肤吸收,进入细胞深层内发挥独特的修复作用和保护细胞的功能 提高细胞的抗干燥、抗氧化 以及提高皮肤适应环境能力。 Ac Guard祛痘系列采用的是全天然Natural🌿的植物性成份. 重点是没有激素,类固醇,酒精,SLS,SLES,防腐剂以及动物成分! 【Ac Guard Trehamoist海藻糖祛痘慕斯】 ♥️4大功效♥️ 🍀皮肤抗衰老 海藻糖细小的分子,容易让皮肤吸收,深入皮肤深层修复皮肤组织,让皮肤看起来年轻10年 🍀抗疲劳皱纹 做工一整天后肌肤干燥缺水,皱纹细纹容易跑出来,Ac Guard保水功效提高皮肤抗干燥,并且恢复皮肤上的水油平衡指数,水份保持刚刚好! 🍀伤口修复 痘痘消了之后留下的痘印,久而久之留下的痘疤造成的肌肤组织受损,用了Ac Guard 后让肌肤重修,从内到外修复痘疤痘印 🍀护肤防晒 海藻糖的高抗氧化功效,能够在皮肤表层皮上留下一层特殊的抗氧膜,避免紫外线,能够防辐射,让肌肤免受辐射的伤害 ☁️☁️涂在手上的泡沫很细腻,不需要用手搓,只需轻轻一按就可以挤出浓密的精华泡沫,感觉像踩在云上的感觉哦~ 涂在脸上很细腻并且不会油腻感觉,也不会敏感哦~~



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