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Ac-Guard Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Ac Guard Acne Cream x 2's

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2 bottles of Ac Guard Acne Cream

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Ac Guard - The Best Acne Solution


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[AC GUARD PORE REFINING AND BALANCING TONER] AC Guard's main objective is to use gentle and mild natural plant ingredients to combat ALL acne issues. Restores natural pH of the skin through: 1) Locking in, replenish, retain and activate moisture to provide long lasting hydration for a day. 2) Contains Polygonatum Odoratum Rhizome Root Extract to soothe and condition the skin for the next step of your daily skincare routine. 3) Calms and heals irritated and itchy skin with anti-bacterial properties. Direction of use: After cleansing, saturate a cotton pad with the facial toner and apply as needed over the face and neck. Can be used twice a day, morning and night. 【Ac Guard Toner 玻尿酸祛斑爽肤水】, Ac guard主打以温和不伤皮肤的方式调理青春痘和痘疤问题。 它有很好的控油效果,用后脸上不容易出油,也不会很干,还可以锁住水分12小时; 只要平衡好脸上的水油,痘痘就不容易长出来啦! 所使用的主要成分是天然存在的多糖体~玻尿酸 玻尿酸是最棒的天然保湿因子,可吸收其本身重量1000倍水分。帮助锁水,使肌肤保持水润。 长期被口罩闷着的脸也不会感到干燥,泛红 玻尿酸也可以修复受损的肌肤屏障,从而避免炎症的发生 Ac Guard祛痘系列采用的是全天然Natural🌿的植物性成份. 重点是没有激素,类固醇,酒精,SLS,SLES,防腐剂以及动物成分!



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