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888 3 In 1 Instant Milk Tea Value Pack (17g X 100s)

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1 pack

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888 3 in 1 Milk Tea is expertly blended with premium tea extract, non dairy creamer and sugar for new experience of a smooth and aromatic cup of ‘Teh Tarik’. For those LOVE “Mamak Teh Tarik” you must try this. It’s like the Milk tea where you used to ‘hangout’ with and
once you try it, you will fall in LOVE with it!

What so special about this Milk Tea:
- No artificial colouring
- Taste delicious and smooth 
- Hygiene and convenience packaging, easy to prepare. 
- 100% vegetarian
- HALAL, HACCP, GMP Certified

Steps to make the perfect cup:
Step 1: Open a stick and pour into a cup 
Step 2: Mix hot water (150ml) 
Step 3: Stir until fully dissolved and enjoy



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