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888 2 In 1 Kopi O Arabica (25g X 100s)

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888 Kopi ‘O’ with Arabica contains more Arabica coffee beans to provide more aromatic coffee. Since it beginning in 1942, 888 coffee has maintained its prominent quality and careful selection of the aromatic Arabica & Robusta coffee bean to brings you the unique and distinctive flavor of coffee recipe. The beans are skilfully blended, roasted in order to give precise taste of Kopi O to the coffee lovers.


What so special about this Kopi “O” Arabica:
- Ancient taste since 1942
- No substitute material such as wheat grains and corn
- Extra aroma and extra freshness
- Hygiene and convenience packaging, easy to prepare.
- 100% vegetarian.
- HALAL, HACCP, GMP Certified


Steps to make the perfect cup:
Step 1: Put a pot bag into a cup
Step 2: Add hot water (150ml)
Step 3:  Wait for a minute and enjoy



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