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6 Month Subscription - Rainbow Day 240mm

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Rainbow Girl Sanitary Pad comes with 7 outstanding features, each exhibiting the rainbow power of Rainbow Girl, also being able to always accompany her to weather through sunny or rainy days.
⭐3D surface layer, developed for a softer & skin-friendly finishing touch.
⭐Diamond surfaced design, designed for an even & enhanced flow.
⭐Each sanitary pad has over 1000 breathable micro holes, specially crafted to target a rapid flow penetration for utmost comfort.
⭐50X Super Absorbency, for maximum absorption rate with an anti-leak effect.
⭐1mm, ultra-thin, & tough to deform.
⭐1 pack of 4 pieces, for an easy breezy daily.
⭐Rainbow-design packaging to color your days. 
Rainbow to Girls!!!!!?
Rainbow Girl advocates the power of “One Day” use. One day, 4 pieces.
Rainbow glistens after the rain, Rainbow energy is always with us.
Rainbow to Girls!!!, with a healthier & carefree Rainbow energy. 

?Colorful days are here to stay,
Easy Breezy comes in 4 pieces!?

⭐彩虹包装, 色彩活力每一天。

Rainbow to Girls!!!!!?
Rainbow Girl 倡导”One Day”的力量。
One day , 4 pieces



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