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West Malaysia

TS3 Full of Abundance 福禄寿喜 (ONE-TIME PURCHASE)

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2022年壬寅年福虎生丰迎新岁 2022 Year of Tiger Chinese New Year 千载难逢的优惠!机不可失! Hurry up! GRAB the offer before it’s too late!

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Yu Yuan Tang Hongzao Gouqi Jiangcha (Ginger Tea) 御元堂牌 - 红枣枸杞姜茶 10g X 12 bags
Yu Yuan Tang Jasmine Rose Flower Tea 御元堂牌 - 茉莉玫瑰红茶 70ml X 3 btls
Yu Yuan Tang Premium Herbal Soup Pack 御元堂牌 - 精品药材汤料 95g X 2 packs
Hai-O Chicken Essence with Ginseng & Cordyceps 海鸥牌 - 野山泡参虫草鸡精 70ml X 2 btls
Sarangyan Honey Wolfberry Birds Nest Drink 莎浪燕 - 蜂蜜枸子燕窝饮 180ml X 2 btls
Longevity Noodle 长寿面 300g
Hai-O SOD Pu-Erh Tea 海鸥牌 - SOD抗酸普洱茶 5g X 30 bags
Hai-O Premium White Fungus 海鸥牌 - 精品雪耳 80g
Packaging + Decoration 礼篮包装&装饰  



*All images shown are for illustration purpose only. Company reserves the right to make adjustments on products with same value without further notice. Please allow slight 1-3 cm differences due to manual measurement and a little color variation for different display setting.

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